Beth Powers

"Beth Powers" is the former name of our female Figurehead, long before she officially changed her name to Beth Tacular. She contacted the birds for some design help, because she wanted a cute and clever logo that would somehow utilize the meaning of her last name, in a cheeky way.

She met with one of the Internest Collective's Red-Naped Sapsuckers, an uncommon red, black, and white bird that perches and taps quietly on trees, making neat rows of holes. She admired him for his cleanly-made rows, and his striking look, and judging by his quiet and thoughtful nature, she knew he would create a well-thought-out and interesting logo.

The Sapsucker's idea was to draw Beth with an electric outlet in her forehead, as if, by hiring her, one would be able to plug right into her creative and powerful brain. He used a color scheme taken from his own feathers, to make the logo stand out on the page, just as he stood out forest, and in the end, he created a design that was both fun and sophisticated.

Beth was pleased with the logo, which she used before becoming a Figurehead for the Internest Collective.

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