Captain Airtight

Larry's Beans coffee company was redesigning the packaging for their coffee beans, and wanted the label to feature an explanation of how to best care for and brew their coffee. They wanted to keep the description brief, easy to understand, and a little bit wacky.

A Boat-Tailed Grackle immediately volunteered for the job, because she had a great idea for making the explanation fun. It would be in the form of a comic strip, featuring a new mascot for Larry's Beans: Captain Airtight, a moustached coffee-bag-man crusading for perfectly prepared cups of coffee. The Grackle was so good at inventing an eccentric and sort of obnoxious-looking Captain, because of her natural ability to make strange noises and look a bit odd.

The Grackle's comic strip, which was used on all bags of Larry's Beans coffee, and on the web site, was whimsical and fun, while still clearly communicating Larry's important message about bean-care and preparation.

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