The Internest Collective's female Figurehead, Beth Tacular, needed a small flier made, to advertise her upcoming visual art show at Litmus Gallery, in Raleigh, NC. The show was part of her final project for her Master's of Art in Visual Art and Social Change at NC State University, so she needed the flier to have a professional look. However, her artwork for the show used kitschy unicorns as symbols of denial of reality, so she wanted to incorporate some fun into the design.

The Alder Flycatchers were selected to work on this project, because they spend so much time foraging for small insects, that Beth knew they would have an eye for detail and be able to create a complex design in a short amount of time. It took them two days to design the card, writing out the heading in an old-timey hand-drawn font, and arranging visual elements from Beth's artwork in an oval shape on the front of the card.

The most clever of the Flycatchers, Yolanda Cassandra Jones, came up with the catchy name for the show, "Fantasmadiculous: Seemingly Benign Paintings and Other Odds and Ends."

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