Fickle Creek Farm

Fickle Creek is a small farm that raises chickens, cows, pigs, and an assortment of delicious vegatables in a sustainable way, located west of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The Chickens on the farm acctally got the ball rolling on this project. They talked to the Cowbirds who were in contact with the Jersey Cows who ran into the Shepard Dogs every day on there way to feeding. Finally the dogs spoke to the Ben and Noah, the farmers themselves. "We have been talking," exclaimed the dogs. "We feel that our farm is being misrepresented. We feel that we are a far more dynamic agricultural experience than one would think based on the look of our egg cartons and other packaging. Ben, Noah, could we please change our look? Some of the Cowbirds and Barn Swallows here on the farm are acctually pretty good designers."

Thus began the Fickle Creek logo design. At first, the Barn Swallows and Cowbirds took care of the look for us. They decided that they should include a picture of the barn on the logo because it seemed to be the focal point of the farm.

They had several good ideas, but none of them seemed to be clicking with the farmers. After months of deliberation, The Barn Swallows and Cowbirds had a wonderful idea to include the Chickens in the Process. Seeing as most of the profit that comes into the farm comes from the Chickens, They decided that this would only be right and just and also the Chickens would have the best idea of what a farm life is acctually like.

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