Moon in Picses

"Moon in Pisces" is the name of a new television show idea that is being promoted to HBO and other TV stations. The creators of the series had written an explanation of their idea for the show, along with plot outlines for several episodes, and they wanted a logo to send out to TV stations and producers. While not giving away too many of their secrets, we will tell you that the show features the adventures of a group of progressive-minded and artistic 20- and 30-somethings living in Asheville, NC.

The name of the show references one of the main characters, whose astrological "moon sign" is in Pisces, the sign of the fish, and who owns a tattoo shop called "Moon in Pisces." The show's writers wanted the logo for the show to also function as the logo for the tattoo shop where a lot of the show's action would take place.

The collective decided to have a few Peacocks and some small Songbirds collaborate on the logo design project. These Birds, who were often asked to pose for tattoo artists, to be used in tattoo designs, were familiar with tattoo shops and the style of tattoo art.

They created a design based on the Japanese "coi" fish that are often used in tattoo art, swimming in yin-yang formation around a moon. The peacocks pleased everyone with their judicious use of bright contrasting colors in the logo, and the Songbirds did a nice job combining all of the symbolism.

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