Raymond Goodman, a Raleigh, North Carolina based photographer, for all intents and purposes, is r3photo. He approached the collective wanting a website that would serve as an elegant backdrop to his photographs but that also would have more character than his local competition.

After looking through several albums of Raymond's photographs, the collective decided by consensus that the Great Horned Owls would design this website by themselves. The collective felt that the site needed a solitary feel that only the owls would bring to the project.

Also, the owls, being nocturnal, understood and could easily navigate in the dark and mysterious territory in which Raymond treads. The knack that Raymond has for capturing his subjects at their most vulnerable is most certainly reflected in the Great Horned Owls' predatory instincts.

The owls surprised us all with the website's clever navigation and cute little "send" button on the contact page.

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