Ticonderoga is an eclectic indy-folk band with a quiet Midwestern profundity. It took a while for the birds of the collective to get into this complex music, most of them being so used to the short, simple songs of their own species. Only when an elder from a flock of Wood Thrush (a bird touted for its almost liquid, flute-like songs) heard and enjoyed the music, did the rest of the birds catch on and get excited about the project.

A group of Barn Swallows from Iowa decided to use their home, a large romantically-lit grain elevator, as the backdrop for the whole site. They worked closely with the Wood Thrush and made several of Ticonderoga's songs available for downloading.

The site really took form when an Ivory Billed Woodpecker, long considered extinct by most humans, came out of hiding to suggest putting more information (i.e. friends, news, and photos) on the site, but not too much more. "A mysterious image, after all, sets one apart in this dog-eat-dog world of indy-rock," he squawked.

A Vermillion Flycatcher, who also did some modelling for Ticonderoga's first album, makes a cameo appearance on the site.

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