In the early fall of 2005, the collective was approached by Chad Davis a surfer and music licensing expert who had worked for Madonna and other amazing people like that. He had sort of a top secret idea which the collective thought of as very clever and very top secret indeed. The birds were very excited to get into designing the website. "It would be a huge website," they thought. "On a grand scale only matched in the bird-world by the great Heron rookeries of St. Johns Bay."

So it was decided to use the engineering skills of the Great Blue Herons. The collective had witnessed the upstart of myspace and seen it's explosion in popularity, but had also noticed it's lack of visual design. They decided to model the structure of Triple9music loosely after myspace, but make the visual design unlike anything people had ever seen. It was not myspace after all, but more of a "top-secret" music licensing website for movie directors to meet other movie directors and obtain music to put in their movies. "Directors are, in essence, designers themselves," the birds thought.

It took almost every bird in the collective to complete this website, but the end result turned out to be a masterpiece amongst websites. Featured on the front page of the website is a cactus wren named, "Baxter."

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