The Rialto

The Figureheads had a fantasy since the formation of the Internest Collective that they could perhaps find a movie theatre and do its website in exchange for free movies and concessions. This idea did not interest the birds at all seeing as though most of the birds had not been to movies and did not understand the need for delving even further into false realities.

It was the Figurehead's main loby the whole of last year, being the sublimely lazy creatures that they are. It took much convincing and ultimatley the Figureheads had to do much of the programing and and design themselves which they considered "quite a drag," but they took on the project for the Rialto Theatre located in Raleigh, North Carolina in exchange for a years worth of free popcorn and movies whenever they wanted. Often the Figureheads would take home extra popcorn for the birds which they thought was quite a treat with its golden butter-like topping.

Of course the Figureheads needed some assistance at the beginning with layout which they aquired from the chickadees. It turned out to be quite a well designed website all things considered.

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