Once they caught wind of it, the real Bowerbirds from Australia and New Zealand were a little offended that these punks from North Carolina had decided to steal their name, verbatam. The birds thought that it seemed highly unoriginal. After all, Bowerbirds had evolved into these amazing creatures capable of home decorating like the world had never seen prior to their existence. It seemed to the birds to be quite an audatious appropriation of title.

The actual Bowerbirds were ready to sue the musical group (who happen to be the collective's two figureheads) when the musical group approached them about designing their cd cover. The actual Bowerbirds' beaks dropped in astonishment, but as soon as the musical group explained how much respect they had for the birds and how they were getting the word out on the birds' "really cool" mating rituals, the birds were flattered and decided the musical group was, "alright."

The Bowerbirds decided to design their cover after an ancient Bowerbirds legend of how the Bowerbirds first came to New Zealand from Australia.

Two Bowerbirds, Zirk and Zeldelia, were in exile from the rest of the Bowerbirds due to there want to aquire human articles to include in their bowers. The elders said that this was a very evil thing and brought scorn from the Gods of the Great Bower and that all humans are plainly evil (it turns out that this part still may be true). The birds were sentenced to to be drawn and quartered by squirrels. The terrible event took place on January 11th, 1948 to a crowd of thousands. Zirk and Zeldelia had a couple friends on the inside (who's names shall remain anonymous to protect their families) who assisted in their escape. Zirk broke a wing in the process, but both managed to escape by canoe across the Tasman Sea. It was a harrowing escape.

Today, most Bowerbirds use human articles, mostly blue, to decorate their bowers. It is no longer considered a controversial practice. The birds regard the practice as recycling.

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