The people at Kenya Fair Traders contacted us in May of 2006 needing a website and identity designed very quickly. They were soon to come out with a new line of coffee and teas harvested from a family farm located high in the mountains of Kenya. The new product line was to be featured in a trade show scheduled at the end of the month.

The birds were a little wary of a deadline coming so suddenly but decided to take on the project anyway. None of the birds in the collective had migrated to Kenya or met an accidental from another continent. The collective was unsure of the look that Kenya Fair Traders was going for, so they decided to send three messenger pigeons across the Atlantic to recruit the help of some real native Kenyan birds.

The Pigeons met several birds in that first week, but discovered that the White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher and the Tacazze Sunbird had the best eye for design and took back home with them an exquisite design for a logo and website just in time to enter the new product line into the trade show.

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