Beth Tacular, besides being our female figurehead, is also a visual artist. When she asked the rest of the collective for help with her online portfolio, she said she was in somewhat of a bind: she wanted her new site to be magical, but she also needed it to be up very quickly.

The first birds she approached were the the Bowerbirds. Bowerbirds are special because the males create beautiful displays, or "bowers", with which to attract their mates. They make sculptures out of sticks and grasses, and then collect snail shells, shiny rocks, berries, and insect skeletons, which they arrange lovingly in their bowers. They were doing wonderful work spelling out the section names with rocks and all, but it was taking much too long.

She decided to ask the Hummingbirds to get involved to keep the Bowerbirds on task. the Hummingbirds decided to scrap the original design entirely and put up a new site that was very magical, indeed.

Despite the Bowerbirds slowness in completing tasks, Beth is now dating one of them.

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