Julia Martin

Obviously, it was the peacocks who were behind this showy little site. Peacocks often can't help to include themselves in their designs. It is simply their nature. They are always looking for an opportunity to show off.

The saving grace to the website however were the Purple Martins who came in at the end to help tone down some of the dynamic elements of this site and focus it to its original purpose of being an art portfolio site. The Purple Martins, actually distant cousins to Julia, felt that they had a good sense of what she was going for in this website. It needed to be magical and other worldly they thought, but right down to earth in the dirty dirt. So, they all sat together one day, the Purple Martins and the Peacocks, and discussed all the possible visual elements that could be included. It was a huge process, whitleing these elements into a cohesive group of elements that could also act as a backdrop for Julia's lovely art.

The peacock, the elephant, the moon, and the striped circus tent, set amongst wheatfields in some rolling land, maybe in a small pocket of rural Italy--The other birds at the collective don't really understand the inspiration, but we also don't dare question it. First of all, It is a collective effort and each bird has their own specialty. Secondly, the website is pretty amazing.

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