The Change

The Change is an organization that helps already progressive businesses market themselfs and convinces more conservative businesses to get on board already and help the world. "This is a very special thing," thought the birds of the collective. "After all, if two thirds of the world is water and nearly all the rest is market driven. Where will we end up roosting?"

The Change needed a logo, and a series of stickers to apply to letters and packages they mailed out to current and prospective clients. A Great Horned Owl was drawn to this project, because he, like the Change, is full of wisdom, and he depends greatly on the preservation of wild spaces for his own survival. Many of the Change's projects work toward environmental sustainability.

The Owl came up with a logo incorporating, into the letter "A," a shape that calls to mind a burning fire, flame or sunburst. The Owl felt that the Change's innovative and progressive ideas about doing business are "lighting a fire" under businesses, inspiring them to work to change the world for the better. He also drew a cartoon robot whose chest cavity opened to reveal a heart inside. This "Lovebot" represents the way the Change convinces formerly conservative corporations to "have a heart" and introduce compassionate and positive programs and products.

The logo and Lovebot, along with several slogans written by Jerry Stifelman of the Change, were incorporated into colored stickers that were made to look like tickets, and they came in rows. They are tickets inviting their recipients to join the movement to create a better world.

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